Sulfate free shampoo Vitaminel
acts gently yet still effectively

Organic sulfate and paraben free shampoo Vitaminel washes your hair gently and strengthens it with an herbal potion, oils, and four vitamins complexes. This shampoo helps to stop and prevent hair loss, makes softer, firmer and shiny hair. Its texture is similar to mousse and forms creamy foam during a wash. This shampoo has a pleasant herbal-citrus aroma. The formula includes effective organic components. Oak-bark and St.-John’s Wort are traditional Russian plants that are used to strengthen hair follicles.

The sulfate free shampoo Vitaminel is irreplaceable for pregnant and nursing mothers, thinking of the baby’s health. It is recommended to use after perming and multiple hair colorings.

Cocamidopropylbetaine is a soft amphoteric surfactant derived from coconut oil. A unique medication Esvicin is also included in this sulfate free shampoo Vitaminel. Esvicin is a solution of bio-stimulators, macro- and microelements that are used as a hair-restorer and for hair growth stimulation. It does not have hormones; it is safe even for children.

Nettle extract and rosemary oil are also included in the formula of a sulfate free shampoo Vitaminel. They have strengthening properties, stimulate hair growth and recondition the scalp. Coconut oil nourishes thin hair, easily penetrating into its structure. Vitamins, organic acids, mineral salts from burdock oil have a salutary influence over hair roots, strengthen them and save from dandruff.

Castor oil increases hair growth and heals small grazes. Nicotinic acid (PP vitamin) has vasodilating properties and increases oxygen supply the tissues. It is used in cosmetology for preventing hair loss and stimulation for growing new. B6 vitamin acts in a complex with it. Organic flower honey supplies hair with a complex of healing minerals and vitamins, smoothens it, makes soft and docile. Bergamot oil increases shine.

Try this sulfate free shampoo Vitaminel and your hair will feel better.

Brandi Cornforth, special for

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